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WSA Elementary School

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At Wisdom Spring Academy Elementary School, we follow the Nigerian Curriculum program of study, but include elements of the British Curriculum in Maths, Englsih and Science. We also offer a wider international perspective to learning.

WSA Elementary School offers a broad and balanced Christian education, preparing our children to succeed in a diverse and challenging global community.


The WSA Christian principles and values teaches pupils to be good citizens, with a sense of care responsibility to themselves and others. They are also taught tolerance and respect for all people, irrespective of their race, culture or religion, treating them with dignity and equality as we believe this is a very important skill for future leaders.  

Through the curriculum, they learn life skills that will enable them to compete successfully in an every changing and challenging community. Problem-solving skills, creative and independent thinking, as well as entrepreneurial skills will provide them with confidence to fulfill their potential and make a meaningful contribution in later life. 

Parents are encouraged to share the education journey of their children and this is actively promoted within the curriculum and in the wider school activities.


Developing Values

Through Christian principles and values program anchored by the Founder, pupils develop a God fearing heart.


Developing Social Skills

WSA Elementary School provides a wide range of opportunities for children to develop their ability to interact with their peers and other adults, with confidence and respect.  They are taught to share their views, ideas and opinions, communicating effectively, whilst respecting the point of view of others within their group.

They learn about team work, on and off the sports field.  These skills are those that will enable them to act as confident adults in a competitive world. 



Our Core subjects are English, Maths, Science, Social Studies, Christian Values and ICT. Other subjects taught at the elementary school are French, Nigerian Languages, Creative arts, Health education and agricultural science They learn about their country and the rest of the world in Social Studies and have the opportunity to study both Yoruba and French. 

Children enjoy Physical Education, Art and Music.  IT skills are also taught across all other subject areas.



Assessment at WSA Elementary School is continuous. It comprises of class participation, assignments, tests, quizzes and end of term and year assessments